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Come Monday Judy Blue Bermuda Shorts

Come Monday Judy Blue Bermuda Shorts

Judy Blue
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Bermuda shorts are always our best selling style of shorts every year and these brand new Judy Blue Bermudas are a must have! These bad boys are a high rise, completely non distressed and have a medium wash that is slimming and classy! One of our favorite features on these shorts is the grain! It is intense and makes these shorts even more slimming!

These Bermuda shorts have amazing stretch that we can’t get enough of! They are super stretchy in the waist and all the way through the thighs! If you carry weight in your thighs and you worry about wearing shorts, these are for you! The stretch is out of this world!  These shorts are also super soft and insanely comfortable!

These can easily be cuffed to have the perfect inseam of your dreams! Cuff them once or twice to make them as short or as long as you want!

These can easily be dressed up with your favorite tank or spring sweater or down with a FABULOUS graphic tee and sneakers or flip flops!

Bermudas are a must have in your spring and summer wardrobe and these dark wash non distressed shorts take the best bermuda shorts award! Our shorts are always sold out when warm weather hits so get yours while you can!


Small= 0-3 

Medium= 5-7

Large = 9-11 

XL= 13-15

1XL= 14W-16W


3XL= 20W


 Size Medium: 7.5 inches

 Size 1XL: 10 inches


Size Medium: 10.5 inches

 Size 1XL: 12 inches 

 Fabric Content: 93% Cotton, 6% polyester, 1% Spandex